Fotona Laser Physics
Quality medical-aesthetic lasers are all about laser physics — specifically YAG laser physics.

Forget IPL (intense pulsed light) and it's new-fangled cousin BBL ("broad band light"). Forget Ruby and Alexandrite and Light Diode and CO2 lasers, with their inferior wavelengths and hobbled capacities and limited applications.

Instead, step into the world of serious medical-aesthetic lasers, where the only name worth talking about is that curious three-letter word, "YAG."

"YAG" stands for yttrium aluminium garnet, a synthetic crystalline material of the garnet group, and it is commonly used as a host material in which assorted rare earth elements such as neodymium and erbium can be doped as active laser ions, yielding Nd:YAG and Er:YAG lasers. Only YAG lasers are going to provide the wavelengths required to perform the highest-caliber medical and aesthetic laser procedures.

And it is the combination of what these kinds of lasers are capable of doing and what Fotona has engineered them to do that makes them so incredibly powerful in aesthetic and medical applications.

Fotona boasts the most powerful laser on the market, but it is the extraordinary capabilities of the Nd:YAG and Er:YAG that harness that power, and it is the revolutionary technology at work inside the laser that turns Fotona lasers into the marvels they are.

Nd:YAG, Er:YAG, and KTP Nd:YAG Wavelengths
It all starts with the wavelength — how far it penetrates, and how much it absorbs.

At the heart of Fotona medical lasers you will find that there are three very specific (different, yet complimentary) laser wavelengths. Each has a different effect on human tissue, in terms of its penetration (how deep it goes), its absorption (what attracts it), and its overall effectiveness across specific ranges of procedures.YAG Laser Penetration by Type

Below you will find the three types of YAG lasers used in Fotona systems, and the characteristics of their respective wavelengths . . .

Er:YAG (infrared wavelength: 2940 nm) — This is your Erbium laser, and it has the highest absorption in tissue, meaning that because of its affinity for water, it does not penetrate as deeply as the other wavelengths, making it ideal for precise tissue ablation (procedures such as the removal of acne scarring and deep tissue laser peels). This is the laser that ablates or removes tissue. In aesthetics and dermatology this laser source is recognized as the gold standard for laser surgery and skin-resurfacing, allowing for extremely precise, micron-level, layer-by-layer ablation of the epidermis. Think of this as the most precise scalpel imaginable, as opposed to competing CO2 lasers, which, in comparison, might be likened to belt sanders and buzz saws.

Nd:YAG (infrared wavelength: 1064 nm) — This is the most popular Fotona wavelength, and since "neodymium-doped yttrium aluminium garnet laser" is too much to say every time, you're going to simply want to call it an "Nd YAG" laser. Because it lacks the heightened affinity for water that the Erbium laser has, and ignores the NdYAG Wavelength Penetrationpresence of melanin (skin pigment) entirely, in aesthetics and dermatology this laser is applied thermally (to heat structures beyond the epidermis) and used to selectively affect even deep-lying veins other target structures. This is your system for all the most popular aesthetic laser procedures and for vein-removal, for verrucae and acute acne treatments (where you are using the laser's heat to destroy the bacteria below the skin), for rosacea and unsightly vein treatments, for the removal of vascular lesions, etc. What's more, you will find an exciting added benefit inherent in this wavelength: its ability to naturally tone and tighten and texture the skin while stimulating natural collagen production. We call this the "T3" application of the Nd:YAG laser, where you are making use of the selective absorption of the 1064 nm wavelength, depositing controlled heat specifically into the dermis (having passed harmlessly through the uppermost layer of skin, since this wavelength has low affinity to water and melanin). This thermal effect induces collagen remodeling and new collagen formation, producing the toning, tightening and texture improvements. Patients love this laser. Partly because of its T3 capabilities, but also because, lacking that affinity for melanin so many of the other lasers have, the Fotona Nd:YAG is able to give the most effective aesthetic treatments — without the pain and scorching so typical of the prevalent IPL and BBL systems, and without concern over skin type, skin color, pigment, or tanning.

NdYAG Hair Removal Penetration

KTP:YAG (green wavelength: 532 nm) — This one, your "KTP," is going to exhibit a high absorption in oxyhemoglobin and melanin, making it ideally suited for selective photothermolysis. Falling basically somewhere between your Erbium (Er:YAG) and your deep-penetration Nd:YAG, it can prove a nice option for treating superficial vascular lesions, unsightly fine veins, and a wide range of pigmented lesions. But it is not likely going to be as broadly effective as your other two primary wavelengths, except in its dual-sourced modality (in combination with the Nd:YAG frequency) in removing tattoos.

Laser Wavelength Absorption and Water Affinity

Variable Square Pulse (VSP) Technology
VSP is what makes possible Fotona's controlled precision and power (and safety).

First, let's start by pointing out that VSP technology is proprietary to Fotona lasers. No one else has this. And it is this technology, in combination with Fotona's Energy Feedback Control technology (covered below), that brings so much power and control to the Fotona Er:YAG and Nd:YAG lasers.

This VSP technology has taken medical-aesthetic laser precision to a completely new level.VSP Variable Square Pulse Technology

Imagine being able to control the laser pulse duration and its fluence (or flow) according to the exact needs of the specific application you are performing, where the power you are putting out is controllable and independent of the duration of the pulse. Or think of it this way: the Fotona laser is capable of precise digital energy regulation, where the energy of each pulse is actively forced to match (and perfectly maintain) the most appropriate energy levels you are using to treat selected tissues — without unnecessarily heating the surrounding tissue.

Visualize it this way. VSP gives you square-shaped pulses, which mean that you are avoiding the slow rise of typical laser pulse power and the even longer fall-off in pulse power (which is standard in all less-advanced light-based systems, such as IPL and BBL and quasi-continuous beam "lasers"). The problem with slow rises Fotona VSP Laser Technology and long falls in laser pulse power, is that those systems deliver unnecessary laser energy to the skin, which is converted to heat in an uncontrolled way, thus increasing the risk of unwanted side effects (such as scorching) and reducing the efficacy of the treatment. But now consider Fotona's VSP technology in comparison. Delivering precise square-shaped pulses, without any rise or fall in power or temperature preceding or following the pulse, Fotona's proprietary VSP technology allows you to easily and precisely treat different tissues with unmatched efficacy, without heating surrounding tissue, without causing unnecessary pain, without risking innaccuracies that could result in shoddy treatments or even scorching (problems associated with all non-VSP laser systems).

Energy Feedback Control (EFC) Technology
No manual calibration. Rather, sophisticated precision automated calibration within every single pulse.

With other lasers, there is always a concern over calibration. Not only do those lasers require long start-up times because of lengthy manual calibration requirements prior to use, but throughout the day the systems need to be manually calibrated (repeatedly) in order to continue delivering reliable results. The problem with that is, it leaves you open to operator error, it substantially slows down your patient flow, and it leads to uneven and progressively worse results for your patients.Fotona Laser EFC Energy Feedback Control Technology

On a Fotona laser, however, you are going to find everything much different. The Fotona EFC technology removes the need for manual calibrations. The system starts up rapidly (35 seconds!) and calibrates itself perfectly every time. What's more, throughout your procedure the EFC mechanism is automatically calibrating multiple times within each and every pulse.

Think about that.

By means of digital online energy regulation, the energy of each pulse is actively forced to match the selected energy settings required of the procedure you are performing. This avoids the uncontrolled loss of energy inherent in less-advanced laser technology platforms, and ensures efficient and effective operation every single time the system is used. Fotona's EFC technology provides levels of safety and absolute assurance of consistent and perfect pulse-regulation across every procedure, individually and throughout the day and across multiple visits — a degree of consistency and accuracy unmatched by any other laser system available today.

Fractional Handpieces, Computerized Scanners, Turbo Mode, FRAC3, V-Smooth Mode, Accelera Mode, and Frequency-Doubled Q-Switched KTP . . .
Oh, yeah. We've got you covered — no matter what the treatment, no matter what the approach.

Now take all of those elements of superior laser physics (the type of laser, the characteristics and capabilities of the wavelengths involved, and the unparalleled precision made possibly by Fotona's Variable Square Pulse Technology and Energy Feedback Control) and consider what those bring to the assorted modalities and instrumentation making up the scientific marvel that is a Fotona laser.

Whatever your needs, whatever the procedure, you can be assured that Fotona has thought of it, and has built both the hardware and the software required to deliver the absolute best results.

Fotona handpieces are a marvel in design themselves. And the Fotona fractional handpieces allow you to offer the currently-popular "fractional" treatments being marketed under a dozen different names — but with this critical difference: the Fotona system brings all of this Fotona Handpieces industry-leading, proprietary laser technology to the procedure. That's a game-changer. That's where the real magic is.

Special modalities like Fotona's V-Smooth, Turbo, and FRAC3 (a highly unique non-ablative, 3-dimensional micro-damage protocol, making use of the Fotona Accelera Pulse technology), built into sophisticated software configurations, allow for advanced skin-smoothing, rejuvenation, and anti-aging applications.

Fotona S-11 HandpieceThe revolutionary Fotona S-11 Computerized Scanner, with the largest manual spot-sizes and widest available field, radically reduces operator fatigue (and the possible innacuracies and mistakes that can turn up as a result) and simultaneously reduces pain and discomfort to the patient, all while delivering the most precise coverage imaginable — by perfectly plotting exact (VSP) square-pulsed laser pulses, working through a grid pattern, skipping every other pulse point on the first pass and then returning to fill in each pulse point exactly, without unnecessary overlap, providing complete 100% coverage and perfectly even delivery.

And finally, if you are interested in grabbing a piece of the rapidly growing tattoo-removal market, you're going to love the exciting new technological developments involved in Fotona's new QX applications, where even the most complex, multicolored tattoos can be safely removed from the patient's skin, making use of the supremely effective dual-source Q-Switched Nd:YAG + Frequency-Doubled KTP Nd:YAG modalities.

Again and again, Fotona's industry-leading R&D pave new paths and set ever higher standards in the world of premiere medical-aesthetic lasers.Precision Laser Fiber Tips

Isn't it time you made the decision other Fotona buyers have made before you?

Isn't it time you decided that only the best will serve, and that in your city you are going to be the one practice everyone is raving about and referring their friends and family to?

We just hope you won't mind watching your competitors begin to drop out of the race, one by one, as you rapidly dominate your market, armed with the finest, best-made, most sophisticated and elegant lasers in the field.

The Bottom Line: What All Of This Means To You
All of this extraordinary technology can be summed up in what it does for you and your practice.

What does all of this mean to YOU? What does it all mean for your patients and your practice? Here's a short list of some of the most important benefits the superior Fotona laser physics will bring you.

1.) Greater success in the procedures you deliver.

2.) Less pain and discomfort on the part of your patients.

3.) Better (and faster) overall results for your patients, without adverse side-effects.

4.) Leading to more repeat business and more client referrals.

5.) Meaning, ultimately, more profits, a more successful business, and a superior lifestyle.

It really is that simple.

At least it is with a Fotona laser system from Medical-Aesthetic Laser Solutions.

Discover the Fotona Advantage!

4 Short Videos on the Fotona Advantage
We have prepared four short videos explaining what it is about the Fotona laser that makes it stand out so far ahead of the other lasers on the market. Click here to watch them!

What Else Makes Fotona Great?

World-Class Research and Development
It's not enough to build a really good laser. The best laser companies strive to build the best lasers. Not only of today, but of tomorrow. For decades, Fotona has taken great pride in maintaining one of the leading research and development facilities in the world for medical-aesthetic lasers. Their innovations and advances continually set the level by which all others must then begin to measure themselves. Put simply, Fotona is the Gold Standard.

World-Class Laser Optics
A laser's effectiveness and precision in large part comes down to the excellence of its optics. Perhaps second only to the underlying fundamental laser physics in its importance in a laser's design, the precision optics in every Fotona laser elevate the bar even further beyond the reach of all competing models and manufacturers. Fotona makes all of its own laser optics, through the most advanced processes, under the most skilled direction of experienced technicians. Master opticians and the very highest production standards set Fotona optics at the pinnacle of laser perfection, delivering the cleanest "Flat-Top" beam profile in the medical-aesthetic-cosmetic laser industry.

World-Class Engineering and Electronics
The optics may be unparalleled, but Fotona excellence goes even further. As Fotona puts it so well: "Our modern, CAD-linked CNC machines ensure precision, replicability, and speed of production across complex mechanical subassemblies, regardless of the material (aluminium alloys, casts, stainless steel, titanium, brass, bronze or synthetics)." The Fotona manufacturing processes include air-cushioned diamond machining of flat and curved metal mirrors, laser material-processing (cutting, drilling, engraving), and an exacting range of methods for the precise surface treatment of the most exacting materials. And Fotona even goes further, developing most of their electronics, hardware, and software in-house, where they have the greatest control and are able to hold every component, sub-component, and piece of data and code to their own impossible-to-match standards.

World-Class Laser Performance
Fotona lasers are the most powerful and versatile medical -aesthetic lasers on the market, working across the most effective wavelengths, driven by the most advanced laser physics, and honed by the most precise laser optics in the industry. No other laser is as elegant, no other method of energy delivery as refined and sophisticated. No other system can handle such a wide range of skin types and skin colors. No other system can deliver energy so effectively and efficiently that your patients can walk away from procedures smiling and happily surprised at how mild and easy they were. No other system can so precisely deliver treatments, without any need for manual calibration, all while safeguarding against operator fatigue, and giving you and your technicians the greatest capacity for conducting perfect procedures every time a patient comes in.

World-Class Training and Support
When you get ready to acquire a Fotona aesthetic laser, we introduce you to the clinical gamut by flying you to Minnesota, where we cover a $2,500 fee for your spending a day meeting with Fotona's US Medical Director and attending actual patients, side-by-side with the US Clinical Director, seeing actual procedures performed and gaining a solid understanding of what goes into true aesthetic laser artistry. Once your laser arrives at your facility, we fly one of the country's leading trainers to your office, where you and your technicians are trained on operating the system, and where your staff is coached on how to best assist you during the procedures. (And if you don't have someone on your staff you would like to assign as your laser technician, we can even provide someone for you, and ensure that she is trained and certified.) The night before your training we help conduct an open-house at your facility, promoting your new aesthetic and medical laser treatments. And on the day of the on-site training, you and your laser technician will learn not only how to operate the systems in the most effective way, but also how to best consult with patients, how to choose the best approaches to each case, how to move patients through a simple proven system — all without having to take any notes! (We provide a complete set of notes and laminated reference cards covering everything you need.) And even after the training is over and you're up and running on your own, you're never really alone. We will continue to support you in every way, and you will have access to all of our resources in ensuring that you truly become a master of medical-aesthetic laser treatments, and the premiere laser facility in your city.

World-Class Attention to Everything Else That Counts
You will of course care about the quality of the laser, its masterful workmanship and it's unparalleled performance. That goes without saying. You will also of course care a great deal about the training and support. But there is always more, and the little details can mean so much. For instance, take upgradeability. You might not normally think about upgrading your laser, but it's nice knowing that many components can be added to your Fotona laser after the fact if ever you want to expand your range of procedures even further; or that as new modules and scanners come out, your system can accommodate them, and you won't have to go out and buy another laser. Or take something closer to the issue of dollars and cents. Other systems can ruin your profitability and all of your projections, simply because of their costly disposable components and consumables. With a Fotona laser, the expense of cryogenic freezing disappears altogether (your system will incorporate an advanced "Zimmer Chiller" system instead — itself a marvel of engineering and application). With a Fotona laser, the expense of costly handpieces disappears, since your hand pieces do not need replacing. With a Fotona laser, the cost of down time goes away entirely, since Fotona systems fire up in only 35 seconds and require no manual calibration whatsoever. And then there's the simple issue of versatility. Gone are the days of having to buy eight, ten, twelve different laser systems, each for one small range of applications across one small range of skin types. Instead, with Fotona lasers, you enjoy the maximum degree of versatility, and you are able to perform an altogether staggering array of procedures — all with the greatest of precision — without having to fill up three rooms and an attic with the latest contraptions being peddled at the medical and laser trade shows one season to the next. Instead, you will have the most versatile laser available, the highest-caliber energy delivery system on the market, and a system that will, ultimately, lead to perhaps the greatest advance your business has ever seen ... and all of the wonderful, extraordinary things that will come from that through the years ahead.

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